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Buildable fun for creative kids.
Just pop, build, and play!
Castle Playset
Build a multi-level castle with a working drawbridge and secret trap door. Plus 7 characters and multiple accessories!
Catapult Playset
A real working catapult! Kids build the playset then launch into their own epic story, with hours of imaginative play.
Dragon Trainer Playset
Kids of all ages love this build, complete with Binky the dragon, his trainer, the helper knight who puts out Binky's fires, and a grooming and feeding station!
Story Starters
Hours of fun, laughs and silliness come with this story-driven card set, with no reading required; just your imagination!

Made with PlayperBoard™, a plastic-free, 100% recyclable material.

Pop... Build... Play!

Playper toys come ready to assemble in a beautiful box.

Kids love popping out the thick PlayperBoard pieces!

Snap them together; it's fun and encourages cognitive skills.

Get ready for story-filled fun and adventure!