Eco-Friendly, Buildable Playsets for Curious Kids

Just Pop, Build and Play

Introducing The Curious Kingdom

The perfect gift for curious kids, just POP the toys out of PlayperBoard®, BUILD their toys, then PLAY with their built playsets!

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Are you frustrated with toys that:

❌Contribute to Global Plastic Waste

❌Aren't Safe for Sensitive Fingers

❌Kids Don't Learn Anything From

❌Contribute to Unhealthy Screentime

❌Made with Toxic or Unsafe Materials

❌Get Boring Quickly

We know how frustrating it is when your kids get bored with their plastic toys.

Or even worse, when toys don't encourage imagination. In fact, the more toys a child is presented with, the less creative and independent their playtime is. Although most plastic toys are recyclable, they still end up in oceans and landfills.

✅We’ve figured out how to change all of that.

At Playper, we know you want to be the kind of parent who wants their kids to thrive as they grow.

In order to do that, you need play-based learning toys.

The problem is, trendy brands are expensive, made of plastic and don’t have much learning value, which makes you feel conflicted. We believe parents play a pivotal role in instilling environmental values in our kids’ choices.

We understand you want to provide the best for your kids, which is why we were awarded 11 toy industry awards.

So, start your kids’ new learning adventures with The Curious Kingdom today. And in the meantime, get parenting activities and child development facts on our blog, so you can stop feeling guilty about wasteful toys, and start feeling great about how good it feels when your kid plays with a sustainable toy that teaches them lifelong skills. 

Creative Play and Learning Fun

Parents Like You Often Ask...

Curiosity is our specialty.

While Playper is fun for all ages, it is generally for kids between the ages of 3-6 (and of course older siblings love building the playset with their younger siblings!).

The free app for the Curious Kingdom: Castle set is completely optional, but if you'd like to try it out, it can enhance the fun of your child's favorite character by bringing them to life through the Magic Mirror! It allows kids to unlock stories, learn games and discover surprises in the Curious Kingdom app through the magic of Augmented Reality. You can find a direct download link here, or search for “Curious Kingdom" in your app store, scan the toys using the app's Magic Mirror and have fun!

The app currently only works with the scannable features of the Castle playset.

You’re sent a box about the size of a book. Several pieces are in one sheet of PlayperBoard®. Just Pop, build, and play. Kids pop out the pieces with their fingers, and follow the directions card to build each character, accessory and multi-level castle with movable parts, and begin the imaginative play.

Leave out as a playset, or disassemble the pieces back into the Playperboard sheets, and re-pack for another time or place. The playset is fun by itself, but we’ve built in even more educational content with AR-features, unlike any playset for kids out there. The AR features use an app available for download for free, and is completely optional to use - it’s an added bonus!

Every purchase comes with a Happy Kids Guarantee - a 30 day exploring period so you can feel quality and difference these playsets make.

We created a special kid-friendly non-toxic PlayperBoard® material. It's 100% plastic-free and recyclable. It's created to be a sturdy, durable and has a soft, luxurious feel to it. We're betting you'll be surprised how good it feels in your hands, and surprised about the quality.

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