About Playper

Welcome to Playper

Thanks for visiting Playper, where every smile, every learning adventure, and every moment of joy are at the heart of what we do. We're parents, just like you, and we understand the sheer magic that unfolds when your child's eyes light up with wonder.

As a team of creators with backgrounds in renowned blockbuster entertainment companies like Disney, Lucasfilm and Netflix, we set out on a mission to create something extraordinary: a kid’s toy that sparks boundless imagination and also cares for the planet we all call home.

Why Playper? Imagination Meets Sustainability.

We've experienced that indescribable feeling when our kids unwrap the perfect gift or dive headfirst into a world of their own creation during playtime. Those moments are precious, and we're dedicated to making them accessible to every parent and child.

Introducing Curious Kingdom: A World of Wonders

We're thrilled to introduce the Curious Kingdom playset: a unique fusion of classic building play and cutting-edge digital learning experiences. 

What sets Curious Kingdom apart? Our unwavering commitment to fostering a love for learning with sustainable toys.

Our playsets are crafted with PlayperBoard™, a new kind of 100% plastic-free, planet-friendly material that contains no harmful toxins or dyes. It's not just a toy; it's a journey into a magical realm.

The Curious Kingdom Experience

Age-Appropriate Learning Adventure

Playper playsets are specially designed for kids aged 3-6, bringing age-appropriate adventures, games, and challenges to your little one's fingertips. The playset invites your child to join King Ketchup, Queen Alpha, Snuffles the Dragon, The Knight of Never-Ever, Ollie the Ogre, and Princess Petunia on epic quests through a whimsical kingdom.

Assemble and Explore

Building the Curious Kingdom playset is child's play itself. Your child can embark on this adventure solo or with your guidance, setting the stage for endless fun.

Optional AR-Enhanced Magic

And here's the magic! With our free Playper app (optional but oh-so-fun), your child can scan magic stickers, characters and other accessories and watch in awe as the castle kingdom comes to life and begins to teach. It's a world where imagination knows no bounds.

Captivating Stories & Learning Games

The Curious Kingdom app offers captivating stories, engaging learning games, and other delightful surprises, making every play session an adventure in itself.

STEM & STEAM Accredited Learning

We're proud to share that Curious Kingdom is not just a STEM learning product, it's also STEAM accredited. Our playset integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, promoting well-rounded, innovative thinking for the kids in your life.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Playper has earned award-winning recognition for our unwavering commitment to sustainability. We're proud recipients of the 2022 World Changing Ideas Award from Fast Company, honoring our efforts to make a positive impact on the world through innovative planet-friendly playsets.

Our toys are crafted from paper-based material sourced from sustainably managed forests, using our new kid-friendly PlayperBoard™, a robust, non-toxic, and plastic-free material made from 50% recycled post-consumer goods, with plans to make it even better. 

But more than that, our toys inspire children to learn, create their own stories, and grow.

Join the Playper Family

We invite you to join us on this enchanting journey and become a part of our 'Plastic-Free Under the Tree' initiative. Playper is where imagination meets sustainability, offering a brighter future for your child and the world they'll explore.

Thank you for choosing Playper, where every moment is a story waiting to be written, a world waiting to be built, and an adventure waiting to begin.

Explore Curious Kingdom today and let your child's imagination soar.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to make playtime magical for your family.