Playper at Tons of Toys Toy Store in Madison, NJ

Tons of Toys: A Toy Store Story

May 17, 2024

Madison, NJ became home four years ago, and with it, Tons of Toys became my happy place. Every visit sparks an infectious joy, the kind that makes you smile uncontrollably. Imagine then, my complete elation when I spotted Playper toys nestled amongst their other fantastic toys for kids! The Curious Kingdom Castle, Gnome Catapult, Dragon Trainer playsets, and the super popular Story Starters – all proudly displayed alongside other childhood wonders.

Unique Birthday Gifts and Unforgettable Experiences

Imagine needing a last-minute birthday gift for a child's party, or finding a way to cheer up your sick little one at home. Tons of Toys is a go-to solution. It's the store where the staff knows the best toys for every age, and they remember the children in the community.

They offer personalized suggestions, free gift wrapping, and even curbside service. Every visit here feels special. 

Family-Friendly Shopping at Tons of Toys

Tons of Toys isn't just a store; it's a haven for families. Picture a place where kids can freely explore and play with toys, where weekly events and craft days bring the community together. 

The three pillars of Tons of Toys success are being warm, friendly, and knowledgeable. They know what lights up kids’ imagination at every age, and they also know that it’s important to hold weekly events and often stage craft days, building days, and brand-specific events based on brands like Pokémon, LEGO, etc. Fitting well with Playper is the large selection of STEM/STEAM and active play and educational items they offer.

Leveling Up with Playper

In the journey of life, there are moments that stand out as significant milestones. For a toy maker, having products featured in a beloved local store like Tons of Toys is one of my favorites so far.

There's an episode of The Daily Show where Vampire Weekend talked about their "level-up" moments. They spoke about playing at iconic venues like Madison Square Garden or the Glastonbury festival, which were major milestones for them. 

Similarly, for a parent and toy maker, being featured in Tons of Toys feels like our little band is getting our first gig at our favorite venue. 

And that’s how I feel about being in Tons of Toys. It’s a “small” store with a big heart, and now having them as part of the Playper family is a big – and emotional – “win” for me.

Of course, I have always wanted to have Playper products in there from when our first product, Curious Kingdom, was released in November of 2022. But having the honor of Playper being in the store has been both a journey and a learning experience.

As they knew me as a regular customer, they were open and supportive of my Playper endeavor; but understandably as small business owners, they are cautious about taking on new product (the store is pleasantly packed as it is). 

But it happened. On a beautiful Saturday in April, we made our debut at Tons of Toys. They paired us with another wonderful local Madison toy maker, Luckables, which makes really cute, super soft plush toys. Luckables founder Heather Hayden has a similar story to our own, and she also had a dream of being in Tons of Toys. The two of us set up on tables outside the store to introduce ourselves and our companies to the community, and I’m sure she’d agree with me that the experience was tremendously rewarding in so many ways.

Visit Tons of Toys in Madison, NJ

If you ever find yourself in Madison, NJ, make Tons of Toys a must-visit destination if you have kids. This store offers a personal touch and a curated selection of toys that ignite children's imaginations. And now, Playper's eco-friendly, educational playsets are part of their wonderful collection. It's a "level-up" moment that brings joy to both the store and the community it serves.

Are you curious about the magic of the Tons of Toys Store and Playper toys?

If you’re ever in Madison, New Jersey, be sure to visit Tons of Toys, and you can pick up your very own box of Playper’s Curious Kingdom Castle and our other playsets. 

Hopefully you have a store like this in your area; I sure am grateful for ours. Thank you for supporting small businesses! 

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