About Us

We're a team of children’s entertainment experts with a passion for toys, storytelling and interactive learning.

We also happen to be parents, and we know first-hand that balancing screen time can be a challenge. Playper happily provides a way for kids to enjoy both. We encourage kids to use their imaginations to play offline and re-enact stories with their playsets, make up their own tales, and then continue the fun with play-based learning through our magical AR app that teaches and delights. 

And we're committed to doing our part in not just bringing great toys to kids, but in doing it without creating plastic waste that will sit in a landfill for 450 years (yikes!).

We teach kids through play!

All Playper toys have 3 important components:


Like your child’s imagination, the possibilities with Playper are endless. We give you the option to share the adventure with your child, or let them take charge and explore solo.

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100% GREEN

Our durable no-mess toys are made out of paper-based material, and are always 100% recyclable. Enjoy planet-friendly play for future generations.

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The games on our free app reinforce concepts through games, puzzles, songs, and interactive fun teaching math, language, logic, and emotional skills. 

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