Spring and Easter: Much to Celebrate

Spring and Easter: Much to Celebrate

Mar 25, 2023

As I write, the official first day of Spring has passed and I’m fortunate to report that we’re spending that first week (our spring break) in Disney World. We will say hi to Mickey for you.

While it’s a nice week here (60s and 70s), it’s not everywhere, but I know we all look to April and when the spring weather will give us the chance to send the kids outdoors. It’s exciting to see those first signs of flowering plants, reminding us that it’s a time of renewal and a time of … gift giving?

Easter is a religious holiday that many hold sacred. But wrapped in with the beginning of spring, it is also a time of celebrations. According to a Forbes article from 2018, that year 84 percent of people in this country were taking part in some kind of festivities. I was surprised that 73 percent intended to give somebody a gift. (And I know you’re curious, so I’ll also report that 57 percent plan on participating in an egg hunt while 55 percent intend to paint eggs.) COVID caused those numbers to decrease, but now it’s looking like we’re on track to reach those numbers again this year.

Chocolate, sweets, and candy account for 75 percent of those gifts from those giving, but I know I’m not alone in being concerned about overdoing it with kids – we don’t need a second Halloween, after all. (But in related news, put me solidly in the solid chocolate Easter bunny category.)

Go ahead and do a search on “Easter gift ideas for kids” and you’ll see there is no shortage of ideas. (We’re going to start off with this one – and for the season we’re offering $10 off plus free shipping.) I found this site particularly helpful and interesting as it featured simple, old-school ideas that are currently popular including games, books, plush toys (bunnies!), and creative learning toys, which is what I’m always looking for to put in that Easter basket.

Green Child Magazine has some tips and ideas on making your Easter especially planet-friendly, as do our friends over at The Baby Penguin (their wooden racing cars with animals driving are especially cute). Whatever we end up purchasing for our kids, nephews, and nieces, we will strive to do so with the planet in mind.

However you celebrate Easter and Spring, from our family to yours, we wish you a good one!

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