Paper or Plastic? The Future of Sustainable Toys

Paper or Plastic? The Future of Sustainable Toys

Sep 17, 2021

And how one company, Playper, is paving the way in the sustainable toy industry

You might have heard it on the playground, discussed it at a playdate or read about it in your favorite parenting magazine: the topic of sustainability in the toy industry has become a buzzword in the last few years. More and more parents feel strongly about minimizing their carbon footprint and realize they can make a positive difference, starting with that plastic action figure. Enter Playper, a toy company whose toys are made of 100% recyclable materials, with an interesting twist.

For years, we’ve known about the negative effects plastic waste has on our environment. An Environmental Health News report cited the alarming problems caused by plastic’s production and disposal, including an impact on children’s health. Aside from polluting the ocean, harming marine life, and overloading our landfills with plastic waste (that won’t degrade for hundreds of years), the chemical waste that comes from plastic can be absorbed by people, exposing our children to harm. A recent study found more than upwards of 100 chemicals in plastic toys alone could pose a significant health risk to children.

In the consumer goods world, the toy industry uses the most plastic in products per $1 million in revenue, not surprising considering that plastic toys account for 90% of the toy industry. And though we are making efforts to repurpose and recycle it, plastic can be very difficult to break down — so it’s no wonder that today’s parents are looking for more eco-conscious toy options for their children and calling for more sustainable, non-toxic, and plant-based toys.

The good news is that parents have options.

As consumer demand grows louder, toy brands are paying attention. Hasbro has committed to eliminating all plastic packaging by the end of 2022, Mattel has come out with the first sugarcane based toy product, and LEGO has set a goal to make all their toys out of sustainable materials by 2030.

Playper has leveled up the conventional toy game with paper toys made of thick, high-quality cardstock with pieces that easily interlock together without requiring scissors, tape, or glue. Ready for that twist? Playper integrates the play experience with augmented reality to bring their characters and stories to life. This innovation combines earth-friendly materials with cutting-edge technology to create a new kind of toy — one that combines sustainability, digital learning, and old-fashioned pretend play.

With Playper’s unique subscription playset launching soon, Playper is poised to remain at the forefront of this growing toy trend. We can’t wait for you to meet the cast of characters in Playper’s upcoming “Curious Kingdom” — so come for the fun, stay for the sustainability!

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