Earth Day Activities for Your Family

Earth Day Activities for Your Family

Apr 17, 2023

April 22 is the 53rd Anniversary of Earth Day. Getting our kids involved and knowledgeable about environmentalism is imperative to most parents today, ourselves included. It’s part of why I co-founded Playper, and it’s a topic I’ve written about before, including Raising a Green Family last May and 10 New Year’s Ideas for Planet-Family Families in January.

But Earth Day offers an opportunity to renew and reinvigorate efforts. Here are just a few ideas for celebrating Earth Day with your kids:

  • Join a local celebration. Many cities and towns celebrate Earth Day with big festivals, activities in the park, and even schools organize fun events. In my New Jersey community there’s always some gathering or event –there’s even an EV Expo featuring electric cars right down the street from me at Sunday Motor Co. So first look to see if there is something to do as a family in your area!

  • Take a hike… and make it a scavenger hunt! While you’re enjoying the outdoors, make a list of things you find, including flowers, plants, birds, critters, etc., and check them off as you explore. (Bonus: Pick up any litter you might find).

  • Help your kids donate toys and clothes. Have your kids help find toys no longer played with and gently used clothes they no longer wear to donate to a worthy organization in your area. Might we suggest Second Chance Toys? An awesome organization with the mission of keeping plastic toys out of landfills that we’re partnering with this year to donate some of our toys. It’s a great way to teach them about giving, while you de-clutter a bit. :)

  • Make a bee and butterfly garden. This is a personal favorite – and very needed, as the news on the depopulation of bees continues to be disconcerting. Plan and build a home garden that attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. (Here is a good list for plants that do just that.)

  • Visit a national park. If you have one in your area, go! If you don’t, here’s a fun alternative: visit a natural park virtually! Yes, there is nothing like witnessing the wonder of the Arches in Utah in person, but a virtual raft trip through the Grand Canyon or a virtual scavenger hunt through the volcanoes of Hawaii is pretty close.

  • Tell an Earth Day bedtime story. Here’s a great list of books to read with your child on April 22 – and any other day!

There are plenty of other ideas out there and I bet you can come up with your own. But for me, while New Year’s Day marks the beginning of the calendar year, April marks the true beginning of a year of spring growth and new beginnings. Maybe a list of “Earth-Friendly Resolutions” are called for? Here’s one to aspire to: Treat every day as Earth Day.

Whatever you do and however you celebrate April, we at Playper are all wishing you good weather and fun times outside!

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