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Bringing Families Together Through “PlayperTime.”

Sep 17, 2021

Create shared memories that bring you and your children closer together.

As parents, our busy lifestyles often impact having quality time with our kids. Especially when children are young, quality playtime lets parents and kids strengthen bonds and helps them feel connected to one another. “PlayperTime” takes this a step further, and integrates Playper’s unique spin on real-world toys combined with digital stories and games. Families can engage in imaginative “PlayperTime” using the paper-based toys, and extend the fun using the free app. With the imminent launch of Playper products this summer, we hope more families will embrace PlayperTime in the months and years to come. 

Play, in general, has multiple benefits for children and parents. This publication by the American Academy of Pediatrics discusses how important play is for promoting healthy child development. For parents, play allows them a role in the development of their child's cognitive and social abilities. Through play, parents can become more aware of their child’s needs and enable them to understand their child better. As kids transition from toddlers to preschool they shift into the collaborative play phase, where oftentimes parents and siblings are the first interactions a child has as they learn to play with others. Parents can foster collaborative play through activities such as building toys together or using figurines to act out pretend stories. Playper’s toy sets allow for this type of fun and engaging activity -- PlayperTime is not just for children but for parents as well.

So what makes PlayperTime unique to playtime? We keep it simple by creating paper toys made out of high quality cardstock and heighten the play experience by incorporating augmented reality technology so our paper characters come to life via an app. There are several benefits to paper toys worth highlighting. Paper toys are eco-friendly and a great alternative to plastic toys (to learn more, click here to read our blog on sustainable toys). Through paper toys, children are able to unleash their imagination and unlock a world of imaginative and creative play. Although our app is created with the intention of sharing character stories through games, children can create their own stories with our paper characters and envision a world of their own. They can imagine themselves as different characters which helps with developing social and emotional skills. Another benefit of paper toys is how they help with communication skills. Telling stories through pretend play helps children develop their vocabulary and improve their language skills which is beneficial to them as they learn how to read. The AR technology is another feature that will deliver even more learning benefits to the PlayperTime experience -- expanding the play and helping children get more engaged in the characters’ stories.

While Playper’s paper toys are made easy enough for children to play independently because they require no additional supplies to assemble, we encourage family and friends to join in on PlayperTime. The experience of building the paper toys together is precious time spent for both parent and child that each will always remember. Together you enter the Playper world and experience endless opportunities of creativity, fun and adventure, making memories that will last forever. 

Our subscription playset, Curious Kingdom, is launching this summer. Follow us on social media to learn more about our company and updates on our product release date.

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